Joyce Seamone
Welcome To My Website
Here’s my personal letter to you

“Everything in between”
“Somewhere in between”

It occurred to me that I seem to use those phrases a lot. They really do suit me! If you’ve personally known me all my life, a short time, haven’t met me yet, or, will never meet me in person, I think as you view my pages here, you’ll come to understand the above phrases.

I was brought up in a warm, safe, and loving environment, where I was taught right from wrong. I always still try to do my best to follow the path of not cheating, lying or stealing and to treat others as I would like to be treated. I have done my best to pass this on to my family & to set an example for others to follow. I am blessed that somewhere in between that little girl and now, I’ve been exposed to many things, people & situations and it was my upbringing that has always pulled me through. I’ve met and dined with everyone from country music stars, recording executives, company CEO’s, a first place European race car driver and even a nuclear scientist who gave me a guided tour through a nuclear plant in Germany. Now that alone is a story in itself! But, no matter where I go, or who I meet, it’s been the values that I was taught as a youngster that’s been my guiding light.

My astrological sign is Gemini. It is the sign of the “twins”. It says that Gemini’s are adaptable, communicative, lively, talkative, restless, inquisitive, changeable, likes variety, can work on multiple projects at the same time, and hate the feeling of being tied down. I think these traits fit me to a T. Although I am not a twin, I have always said that I have felt like two people. The one is the ordinary woman who is a housewife, mom, family person and friend. The other one is when I do a flip-flop and I am performing in front of hundreds and by times, thousands of people, singing my heart out and trying to entertain them to the best of my ability.

At the present moment, I am at the best point in my life and I love it. I have finally retired from a day job and I feel like a free woman. I can now concentrate on what I love most in life, FAMILY, with a capital F, and MUSIC, with a capital M. I can channel my energy to both of these.

This web site is all about the music side of me. My main page links will take you through the various pages where I hope you’ll enjoy your journey and get to know me better. I look forward from this moment on, to DARE TO LIVE MY DREAMS, but, there will always be a somewhere in between.

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