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May 25, 2015

Hi Joyce

I never realized you were from Nova Scotia. I grew up listening to Testing 1-2-3, Cotton Jenny, Set the Table Before You Dine, and so many more. Such a great album ... I think I still have my copy! Nice to see Donnie Haggart's name in your guest book too ... Being from Pictou County we listened to Don and Jim's album all the time as well. Greats to see you are still singing. Be sure to put any 2015 appearances on your site so we know where to find you.

Shannon D.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Feb 19, 2015

Hi Joyce,

I just came across your website and had a chance to read the biography. Glad to see you are doing well and still involved in country music. Just this past weekend your name came up while I was talking with Guy Melanson at the grocery store. He was telling me about his planned summer trip to the east coast to play in your event. I was telling him that I baby sat your two daughters in the early '80's when you and Gerald live on the 3rd concession near highway 401. Gerald worked with my mother (Linda) at Johnson Mathew and Mallory.

Jamie Morris
Woodstock, Ontario

Apr 22, 2014

Thank you, Joyce, for your great performance at Bootz Saloon!!

Blaine Sherren

Sep 17, 2013

Hi Joyce, I wonder if you would be interested in listening to my CDS and my Bio. I would love to come down next year and make an appearance on your show if possible If you are interested please let me know and I will forward all my material to you for your review.Thanks for your time.


Sep 7, 2013

Hey Joyce...my husband Gary Harwood used to work with Gerry at Frank Scott's Esso delivering furnace oil more than 40 years ago...just a hi how are ya? There was a thread on Facebook page 'you know you grew up in Woodstock when...' Remembering you and your music.

Gary Harwood
Woodstock, Ontario

Jul 11, 2013

Just wanted to say hi. Mom(Phyllis Scott) and I where just talking about you.

Aileen Scott
Woodstock, Ontario

May 28, 2013

Joyce used to sing in my fathers band. I am trying to contact her. Does anybody know how?

Susan Charron Smith

Mar 30, 2013

Wow great to hear you are still performing. My father worked with Wynn Watling. I remember you being in a band in the Woodstock Ontario area in the 70s.

I will keep an eye on your site in hopes that you will be coming back to Ontario for a show.

Mark Harrison
Norwich, Ontario

Dec 19, 2012

Hey Joyce. Millie Walters emailed me with your web site and even after 32 years of being away from the Royal Bank in Woodstock I recognized you. Way to go girl.
All the very best.

Cathy (Lee) Wishart
Orillia, Ontario

Nov 5, 2012

Hi Joyce, I've been converting all of my old albums into a digital format and came across Testing 1-2-3. It was signed by you at a show at CFB Greenwood. I was only 7 at the time, but somehow I was at that show with my parents. Brings back great memories!

Denton, Texas

Oct 27, 2012

Hi Joyce, I have lived in Aylesford for 24 years and this was the first year that I attended the Country Music Show that you put on at Fox Mountain. all I can say is that it was the best country music that I have listened to other then maybe the Grand Old Oprey.
Maybe you should put up another sign on the stage at Fox Mountain Nova Scotia's Little Nashville
Thank you for your wonderfull country music and for all the bands that you bring in

Ernie McMurrer
Aylesford, Nova Scotia

Aug 11, 2012

Excellent Country Music Festival at Fox Mountain glad I was a small part of it. Thanks for having me on Thursday night. See you in 2013, God willing.

Sheila Zwicker
Sackville, Nova Scotia

Mar 1, 2012

Love your music!

Cindy Theriault

Feb 21, 2012

I recall you, Gerald, Carl Dalrumple and wife, Allie MacKay and wife visiting my home in Lr Sackville one March weekend 20 years ago. I was unaware then of your accomplishements, and never dreamed I would someday be living just down the road from you in West Northfield!
My best regards!!

Lloyd Parks
West Northfield

Feb 12, 2012

juhu joyce, how are you and your family!

love Tobias

Tobias Fricke

Aug 10, 2011

Joyce, wow u r a gemini. So am I. I listened to your songs since 1973 when i move to Thompson, Manitoba. I used to sing along with you. You have a beautiful voice as well as your lyrics are meaningful. I still would like to see you someday, I do believe in dreams come true. I retired last July and I am glad of this new journey. Until we meet, many blessings. I would love to purchase your songs. When I departed from Manitoba in 1991, your music did not come along with me due to various reasons. take care, sl

Sherley Lowe
New Brunswick

Aug 04, 2011

hi joyce...want to let u know i love your music...i am a country music fan nothing but...i have your cd love it keep up the good work...from a real big fan...

Anita Foley
Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Aug 03, 2011

joyce .just a line to say hi to everyone at fox mountian.the best of luck with everything. wish i was there, say hi to your other half for me .wayne

Wayne Petrie
Thorburn, Nova Scotia

Jul 20, 2011

hi there just heard your song testing 123 and its just brill its a pity not many people have heard of you in england i am going send my local dj a email to see if he has herad you singing keep up the good work all the best .........yours ect william


Jul 20, 2011

Hi Joyce and Gerald, We can hardly wait until it's time to go to Fox Mountain again. Keep it country!


Jun. 3, 2011

I love your voice. It's too bad that radio don't play much real country these days. I'm sure you could hold your own on radio against the best.

Everett Adams
NL, Canada

May 16, 2011

Hi. Couldn't believe that after all these years (we went to NGRHS at the same time) that I would run across your website while browsing the Wingham Barn Dance site. I enjoyed reading of your lifes journey and congratulate you on your success. We had a copy of your Testing 123 album in the 70's but never heard of you after that.
Take xare and God speed.

Wayne Minick
Southampton, Ontario

Mar. 26, 2011

Hi;Idon't suppose you remember me.I am guy,s brother from woodstock ont.We used to play at the faiview hotel..Guy is still playing fairly steady.He has mastered afew more instruments over the years. including steel guitar ;fiddle;mandolo;5 string banjo and of course lead guitar still,He dos a Willie Nelson Tribute show and is booked solid for every weekend Anyway its nice to see you Say Hi to gerry for me

Malcolm Melanson

Mar. 17, 2011

Hi Joyce, I was just looking at some of the web sites you got a few busy months coming up. will you be sending information on dates that you are doing, I,m sure Al would let us announce them. :-)

Lower Sackville

Mar. 9, 2011

Hi. I stumbled across your web site while doing research on who sang Testing 1 2 3. My sister-in-law was wanting the words. We both enjoy the song. I am trying to convince her to go to the Music festival in August. Are there motels close to the site. I am too old to rough camp! I know you must get tired of being asked but do you do that song at the festival. I am ordering your CD The Other Side of Me. I wish I could order it through your website by e-mail and send you an e-mail money transfer. Heaven only knows when I will get around to getting a money order. Take care and all the best in the future.

Leona McCarthy

Feb. 6, 2011

Joyce keep up with the hard work, and say Hi to gerald for me will chat later

Gary Hooper

Jan. 9, 2011

I'm laerning to play a acoustic guitar. I"m 39 yrs old I really enjoyed your music growing up with the old records. I just wish I could get some of your music with the chords and lyrics. Thanks so much

Antigonish County Canada

Dec. 15, 2010

Hi Seamone,I remember your hit song Teasting 1-2-3.I played it many times on the juke box.I really enjoyed that song. I spent time seaching for your song on youtube.I would like to feature that song on my website.I can only transfer a video from youtube.If you should put that song on youtube I'll be happy to use it on my website.I just put your foxmountcampingpark url on my home page.You're a great canadian country lady.

Keep up the good country music work.
Take Care and lots of success.

Eric Waterman

Oct. 17, 2010

wow this song takes me back 40 yaers ago my wife used to listen to u when she was 5 and her and her dad sang this song and won a trophy lol i was but 10 years old we have been looking for this song and the person who sang it for 35 years we allways wondered what happened to you could we have your autograph and picture my address is xxxxxx that would be a dream come true   thanks

Bert and Mary Hilts

Sept. 26, 2010

hi joice i just want to say i love your web site and like listening to
you on 106.9 .i was just listening to some of the video clips you have
on your site and i was just wondering if neil brow is still playing with
you? you have an awesome voice and so does the rest of your band .
hope to see you down at fox mountain next summer.

Glen Smith
Terence Bay

Sept. 11, 2010

Hi Joyce
Again I'll have to apologize for not being able to make out this year.
Things are starting to improve some now. I haven't planned for the 2011
festival as of yet.
I'll let you know within the next few weeks if I'm going to make it out.
I still play your cd's ocassionally and love listening to them.
Good luck in your travells and music.

David Black

Aug. 2, 2010

Hi Joyce.I am from Amherst NS. A couple weeks ago I was surfing
the net to find some of your recordings to take to our campground for the
weekend.I too am a local artist and my love of country music runs deep.I
was disappointed when I could not find any of yours as I grew up listening
to your albums and of course over the years got worn out.Well my wife and
I's best friends are seasonal campers in Five Islands NS beside us.He is
an awesome bass player who I hire every chance I can.He also plays for
Brian Mallery. Because of work issues we could not make the country music
festival this past weekend that he invited us to attend with them.When
they got back Sunday night and he told me this is your festival I was so
disappointed that I missed it.Next year I will be making plans to attend
as I would love to hear you live. Just wondering if you have cd copy
available of your album Testing 1-2-3 and if so how can I purchase it.So
glad to hear you are still out there gracing people with your amazing
vocals.Take care Larry Cormier Amherst NS.

Larry Cormier
Amherst, Nova Scotia

Jul. 11, 2010

Hi Joyce me and my husband James was on our way to new glasgow and heard
your song testing 123 on cat country radio today we haven`t heard it in
years but he knew your voice right away .just wanted to tell you how much
we love your singing .i would love to get some of your music but can`t
find it any where .but i will keep listening to u on my computer.

Lois Morrison
Pictou, Nova Scotia

Jun. 23, 2010

Hey Joyce...it was nice meeting you today. Whodda thunk,eh?
This is a pretty cool site you have! Say hi to Gerald and Vi for me when
next you talk w/them.



Jun. 16, 2010

love testing 1-2-3. never new you where around this area. wow!
mom and dad are gonna be amazed. brings me back when i was growing up my
parents, nan & gramp. so many nights eveyone singing and danceing in the
house. thanks we love ya xo

New Minas

Apr. 20, 2010

Hi Joyce,I have listend to your songs,and songs played on Sackville radio.
I really enjoyed all thoses great country songs.It brings back a lot of
memories of the time when songs/music was performed from the heart.
Congratulations on keeping it Country From the Heart.
Warmest Regards,

Eric Waterman

Apr. 13, 2010

it" good to hear about Joyce Seamone doing a country music radio
show. I know that it will be good and she"ll keep it country.
That"s the way to go Joyce and all the best to you.

Allen Fralick

Feb. 5, 2010

Hi Joyce
I have loved testing 123 for years. It was the first song I ever sang on
a stage, as a young girl. I am singing at the NB Country Showcase this
weekend at the Fredericton Playhouse and have picked the classic Testing
123 to sing. Thank you for the song it has been in my Guitar songbook for
many years.
Hope life is good for you.


Feb. 1, 2010

I met you a few years back as I was playing steel with Ryan Cook at the Fox
Mountain Country Music Festival. I enjoyed your great country music...keep it up!
As a pedal steel player, it's nice to hear an artist keeping the "traditional" in

Jim McRae
Yarmouth, N.S.

Jan 30. 2010

I saw you perform on PEI around 1972 in Charlottetown and I loved your singing
voice. I bought your album at the time but over the years I have lost it. I
recognized it when I looked at your albums. I cannot believe I found your name
and have been reading up on your career. Your song Testing 123 was spectacular.
I use to go around the house singing that song many years ago. I have lost the
words and I now have learned to play the guitar and would love to have the words
and chords. I am so happy to have met you on PEI in the 70's and I certainly
would love to hear you singing again sometime. Thank you for giving me the chance
to hear you back then because I loved your singing voice and will always remember
that wonderful time. Take care and God Bless.

Heather Muncey
Prince Edward Island

Jan. 8, 2010

I enjoyed your site and singing. I am a songwriter, I write a
lot of real country and country Gospel. I don't perform but I've had a
fair number of songs cut by indie artist, nothing major. I've written over
3000 songs, about 10% of them have been recorded or demoed. I grew up with
the traditional country music, I am not fussy about what passes for
country today.

Central Newfoundland

Dec. 23, 2009

Hi Joyce: Great sight lots of music info.

Country Bill

Aug 9, 2009

joyce ,here's a big thankyou to you and gerald and the rest of
the gang for running things so smooth at fox mountian.an extra big
shoutout to gerald for the superb sound .

Wayne Petrie
Thorburn, N.S.

July 22, 2009

I hope you have a wonderful time and thanks for the e-mail maybe
next year i'll be able to make it down there..Testin testing one two
three. Bolger Loopen www.johnnycashsong.com & Blue Rodeo (The Hank Snow

Bolger Loopen
Timmins ON. Canada

July 7, 2009

Hi Joyce, love your singing. I am a songwriter from the old school when
it comes to country, keep it REAL country, the traditional kind.

Everett Adams
Grand Fall-Windsor,NL

March 20, 2009

Dear Joyce
May be you remember me, I did visit you in the hospital in Breda
(in Holland) after you broke your leg, during the festival in Zevenbergen.
After that we lost you somewhere. happily I found you now after searcing
the net.

I posted the message below, which was sent to all of John Melissen
friends. Hope you are doing well

Henny de Pater

Hello Friends

This time I have very sad news, news we all expected but it still comes
like blow

Our friend John Melissen has passed away.

He died, this morning, Friday 20th March about 5 o'clock in the morning,
surrounded by his loved ones.

Henny de Pater

Fijnaart Holland

February 18, 2009

Congratulations on your award at this years ECMA's.
Well deserved!

Mark Hill

January 31, 2009

Hi Joyce - "googled" you to find your website. Wonderful website :) Great to see you again at the RV Show. Take care and I'm sure we will see you in Moncton.

Jim & Trish

January 29, 2009

Hi Joyce,
I enjoyed listening to your video.It's Great.Congratulationd on being nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Warm Wishes,

Eric Waterman

January 29, 2009

joyce .just got the email about your ecma award .WOW .it could not have been given to a more deserving person.that news just made a dark stormy day brighten up considerably

Wayne Petrie

January 29, 2009

Good for you Joyce!!!!

Scott Mckone
Halifax, NS

January 28, 2009

congrats on your ECMA winning---

Lew Skinner
St.Johns, Nfld

December 4, 2008

I am the widow of Gordon Wentzell of Rumford, Maine and the
Mother of Sandi Wentzell formerly Jess of Port Williams. She now lives in
Florida the same as I do in the winters. WE once met you at your parents
homein Maplewood.I do have your record somewhere in my music but now all I
play is the cd's. My only remaining son has a daughter by the name of
Ashley too! We had five children---two girls and three boys. The oldest
son died with lung Cancer the same as his Dad, then the other son, second
from youngest, got killed while still in Navy but working for an outside
contractor just 4 months before he would have retired with 20 years. Now
the youngest just retired with 25 years in Navy. He and his family live in
Va. BEACH, VA. The other daughter lives in Maine. Hope to see you again
sometime. Sincerely, Louise cousin by marriage I guess.

Louise Wentzell
Orlando, Florida

November 16, 2008

Hello there my mom sings the song Testing 1-2-3 and I would like
to learn to play it, is there any way you might have the tab for it.

Barrie, Ontario

October 26, 2008


Sam Aucoin

September 24, 2008

joyce sorry i did'nt get around to thanking you until now for having don
and i at fox mountian this year.just wanted you to know that we were treated
royally and felt very much at home.the crowd was great and we are looking
foward to playing there again in the future.once again many thanks to both
you and your other half for the great sound .hope to see you in the near future.

Wayne Petrie & Don Haggart

June 25, 2008

Hi Joyce,
Just wanted to pass along a great big "thanks" for yesterday. We all felt
you did a tremendous job on air, and we are looking forward to nurturing
the newest EastLink Television celebrity into fame and fortune....or at
least some more local airtime and great meal!!
Seriously, you did a fantastic job and we are looking forward to working
with you on In Focus.

Brian L.
Windsor, NS

April 14, 2008

Hi Joyce. I wrote a song for Hank Snow (Blue Rodeo)and came on
your web page. I remember testing 1.2.3. Good job.My web site is
www.johnnycashsong.com Good luck Paul

Paul Henry
Timmins Ontario (for Now)

April 11, 2008

Joyce your husband is very proud of you.He has every right to be.
Your a wonderful singer.Best of luck and continued success.


February 17, 2008

My dear: Finally, i have been looking for you for so many years.
I had only one record, i lend it to a friend. I kept looking and looking
with no awail. I wondered if i was spelling your name wrong. I am thrilled
to have reach your site. What a beautiful voice, i really will enjoy the
lost years.
P.S. I used to singalong with you, my dream would be to have an
opportunity to sing with you someday. I am told that dreams to come true,
I will keep wishing and praying for this journey to become a reality. God
Bless, Sherley

Sherley Lowe
New-Brunsick, Canada

February 11, 2008

I am enjoying your web site. It is very professional. I will try
to meet you in Moncton on Feb. 29,2008

Sylvia Campbell
Riverview, NB

January 29, 2008

Dear Joyce I remember whe I was young and listen to the radio.
Every time there was that song testing 123 I sit and listen all the song
remember all the words of it and then came Miroir,Miroir another good song
that one to I know all the words.
Excuse my wrighting I am french.

Gizele Arseneault
Bathurst N.B.

January 28, 2008

Hi Joyce ..... Great memories of great music played at many
dances in Blandford and thank you for giving me 10 minutes of fame. Will
never forget it ! Hello to Gerald ! All the best with your future
endeavors . Jude

Judith A MacKenzie

January 17, 2008

Hi Joyce, Don't know if you remember me...I just found your
website and it got me thinking of the songwriter circles at Burt and
Beth's in Bridgewater...and the time we got to sing on BT to promote "In
Tune and On Time". So I thought I'd drop you a line to say hello. I miss
the song circles!

Amy Grant

December 29, 2007

Just wanted to say hi and I hope you and Gerald and your girls
and their families are having a good Christmas Holiday. Maybe see you
again next summer.

Royce Seamone
Woodstock, Ontario

December 25, 2007

Wow I can't believe that I actually found your music ...
I remember your song ............ testing 1 - 2 - 3 and wow
now I can finally order my own copy pleaseeeeeeee I hope I can order
I love your singing you are one totally cool awesome singer Joyce

Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world :)

Rita Desmoulin
Heron Bay, Ontario, Canada

October 27, 2007

Dear Joyce;
Congratulations on your good work for the love of country music..as with love of my instrument your steel guitar friend, tony leggio

Tony Leggio
Waterdown, Ont.

October 25, 2007

I was watching your show on the web and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been wondering if you still recall back in the early 60's we had a car accident on the old gold river bridge and you and your friend drove us to our home on North King St. in Bridgewater. I guess that was probably 1964-65. We certainly grateful for you to come along at such a late time, ( middle of the night if I recall )Anyway keep up the great work.

Terry & Gloria Johnson
Waterville, Annapolis Valley

October 25, 2007

Hi Joyce. Just wanna say i really enjoy ur singing your an awesome singer an hope to hear more new songs

red deer alberta

September 19, 2007

Just a short "Hi" Joyce. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you or Gerald this past week-end just wanted to say how much my wife and I enjoyed ourselves and tell you what a great week-end you guys put on. Hope to see you guys again soon and maybe get a chance to do a show together.

Wayne Petrie

August 12, 2007

Fox Mountain Country Music Festival was wonderful...I was impressed by how professionally it was organized...and that park...so big and well equipped with hot & cold running water and so clean. It was good also to hear Andy Bowes (Knew him from Wilf Carter Night) Yodell a couple of Wilf's songs, to a rapturous audience who gave him a standing ovation...Wilf C. ain't forgotten yet.All the performers were super...

I am also grateful to that wonderful audience who applauded and laughed at my corny jokes...enjoyed every minute of it. Joyce, worked so hard and, could not have been a better host or organizer...and I tip my Pubnico hat to her.We need more of these festivals.

West Pubnico

August 10, 2007

Hi Joyce & Gerald
I think you are doing a wonderful job putting on the festival and Gerald does a excellant job on the sound. Keep up the good work.By the way the picture you had taken of us when we come off stage fo the Kitchen Party could you send me one I would love it .

Thank you kindly Lowa

August 6, 2007

We had a GREAT time at your Festival in Fox Mountain. Thanks so much for inviting us. We hope to see you again next year at this event.

John - Dick - Ian
Lun. - Queens County

July 6, 2007

Hello Joyce

I enjoyed your website very much. Was hoping that you would have sung "Testing 1, 2,3" on your video clips - that one was great and brings back memories of when you did the Bridgewater Ex in late 60's. Who would have ever thought when you left the Royal Bank to go to TO with your husband that you would come home a "star". I didn't even know that you could sing . You could have belted out a few tunes for Dianne and myself while you were under the dryers in the "Hair Do Beauty Salon" in Bridgewater. You sound great! Wishing you all the best and I'll keep checking your web site.

Lower Sackville

July 3, 2007



June 27, 2007

J'ai took in the HANK SNOW TRIBUTE IN MONCTON AT THE CAPITOL THEATRE ON main street. The show stage wise had some good musicians on it especially RAY LEGER,great musician I know for a fact. 51 years of doing HANK SNOW MUSIC certainly makes me a little authority on his time.

The steel player sure was a good choice for HANK when he toured, the only thing missing was the essence, by that I mean HANK had a way with a song that was not presented at that tribute. One can feel the presence of Hank if the song is song right. Imitaters have a way of almost there but not quite. His rhythm was not presented, nor was the sense of how he picked the flattop. Sometimes I almost get the urge to go on stage in a big way to show why, but what is there to prove, he was one singer and musician that was surely under-rated. The show was very presented, and as far as yourself,it was the first time I have heard you in person, you have a very good voice, I like what you sang.

I still have your album with TESTING, ONE TWO THREE on it, a great song and you should contemplate on re-releasing it. Denise Murray has a great voice and did very well,of course original music can not be contested, it has its' own merit. Ray Leger's father also is a great musician. I've been through the business and still in the business,singing Hanks' songs and many others. I also believe that the outfits that he wore would fit me, and I also have the look he has and the features, but that's another story. Once I just about wrote to him so say how about going on a tour and we could call it SNOW WHYTE AND THE 7 WHATEVERS, too late now, but j'ai considered it.

Bye for now
Moncton, N.B.

June 14, 2007


We're looking forward to seeing and hearing you at the Aug. Fox Mountain Festival. Do you recommend purchasing our tickets right away or later in July?

We found out about your Festival while at a Canning Music Night recently, otherwise we probably wouldn't have known about it.

See you at the Mountain!

David and Carole Mason
Cornwallis Park, NS

June 14, 2007

I really enjoyed the songwriters circle at Fox Mountain Campground in 2006. You made me feel very special when you called me out of the audience and gave me a chance to perform a couple of my own compositions. I am quite proud to say that I have added to my compositions and hope someday to have a chance to perform more. Maybe see you this year at the Campout in August. I am pleased to say that Valley Blue will be at the open mike again this year. See you then.

Penny Sabeans

June 12, 2007

Hi Joyce: Enjoying your website.Hope to see you perform soon.Maybe this summer.Hank Snow tribute or fox mountain. Sure enjoyed your last CD. Bye for now.

Marlyn & Carol Spencer
Truro, N.S.

May 24, 2007

Hi Joyce,Wow fantastic site...congradulations on your great accomplishments...you have done an outstanding job...you must be so proud...you are a very gifted person..HATS OF TO YOU.

Torbay, NL

April 26, 2007

Hi Joyce,You have a great website.You have a lot to be proud of. your photos shows a lot of happy musical memories. Lots of success.

Eric Waterman

April 18, 2007

Very nice singing, Joyce, I enjoyed visiting your web site. God Bless.

Heather Black
Springhill, NS

April 3, 2007

enjoyed your site.am guy who got your cd.which am playing none stop.from your #1fan /am guy took pic of you with wife and i/at quality inn/hope to see you this summer re.hank snow festival

Ray Comeau
Summerside, PEI

March 26, 2007

Any friend of my Dad's is a friend of mine.

George Pasher Jr.

March 25, 2007

I just love your "Testing 123" album. I still have it although I no longer have a record player to listen to it. I did however manage to record that album onto a cassette.I would love to find it on CD. Your music is great!!!

Tracey McClain
Strafforville ON, Canada

March 13, 2007

HI JOYCE, Maybe you do not know me but i know you through my brother Ray Bryan. We met back in the seventys or so. We attended a lot of the dances in Woodstock and little Sweburg . It was great to meet you then, and it is certainly a must to congratulate you on your thirty-fifth year now. And to think that it took this long to be honoured as you are, but is a wonderful feeling i'm sure. From what I have been told you are just the most wonderful preson, and your own story is so pricless, full of love coming through. I can truly say I like you, as you are my kind of person. Ray thinks the world of you and from the way you have lived your life till now I can see why he does.

Well Joyce, I certainly dont want to take up your special time in the lime light, but I wish you all the best in the year and may more good news come again right behind this great news.

I feel the strong sence of love in your words and it sounds like the wonderful home we were raised in. We were poor but love was strong and that is exacly what we all need to keep on going. When we need a change it will happen in us.

So Joyce just keep up the good you are doing and good will come flowing back to you .

I'm happy for you, and want to say God loves you and so do I.

sent with love,
Glenda Sutch
Hamilton, Ontario

March 11, 2007

A pleasure to be able to say hi.

Bill Graves
President, Downeast Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Asssociation
Lower Sackville

March 6, 2007

Hi Joyce: We just had a look at your new web page and think it is fantastic !!! and brings back a lot of memories. Say hi to Gerald,Gordie and the boys in the band. Hope to catch one of your shows this summer. All the best

Rod & Ann
Hebbville, N.S.

March 3, 2007

hi, grate site see you this summer

bill Euloth
Halifax, N.S.

February 24, 2007

Hi joyce i have always enjoyed your music , if you make it as well as testing testing 123 ,i know all you will do well .in all of your endevours. I have always enjoyed you at the Hank SNOW SHOWS.As well as Smil'n Ivan who had a lot of respect for you as well as your music. I know he would very happy for you if he was alive today, to see you spreading your music caree to higher hights.

marion rhyno

February 24, 2007

Hi Joyce! Really enjoyed checking out your web site. Great job. It brought back a lot of memories.

John Lester
Lindsay, Ontario

February 24, 2007

Good job on your new web page. We sat down ,looked read and listened.Enjoyed it all.

Myrtle Mewton

February 24, 2007

Hi Joyce--Great job on your new site.Love to work with you sometime.I remember listening to testing 1-2-3 often back in the good ole days.All the best in your future endeavours.

Bob (Waylon) www.waylonjenningstribute.com

February 24, 2007

This web site is wonderful. It contains information and video's which are well-presented.

Carol Hartlen

February 23, 2007

i really enjoy listening to ur songs u are one fabulous singer

bentley alberta

February 22, 2007

Congratulations on the very impressive site, both the content and the format. I gotta get me one of these!. Maybe Joyce and "Close To Home" can team up for a show sometime !

Take care, Kevin and Val
West Dublin

February 22, 2007

Joyce; New website is excellent! Lots of information to read and be reminded about. Congratulations!

V e r n o n D. C o r n i s h
Catidian Place

February 22, 2007

Enjoyed your web sight and the pictures, good job.

Reta & Charles Reid
Middle Musquodoboit

February 22, 2007

Hi Joyce,
I was so very thrilled to see you for the first time in New Glasgow and you sang Testing one two three, always loved that song. You did others that day and they were all very good. You are also a very nice lady.

Anita Wynands
Plymouth, Pictou County

February 22, 2007

Hi Joyce, this is a great site, I have not had time to read it all but I like what I have seen so far.


February 22, 2007

Hiii!!! It was great to see you this summer! Sorry I didn't write sooner but with a new year I've been real busy. Hope you're doin' great! Bye.

Scott Seamone

February 22, 2007

Salut Joyce,
Cruised your site and loved it! Brought back great memories.Bravo!! We are still making memories and that is the beauty of it.Glad but not surprised to see how busy you are. You are a multy-talented lady!Your friends,

Jeanne (Doucet) Currie & Wayne Currie

February 22, 2007

Always a fan............great web site, great person..........

Dave Anderson
Plymouth, Pictou County, NS

February 22, 2007

Hi Joyce, really enjoying your new web site. I especially was thrilled to see Heartbeats with your song on it. One of my fondest memories of teaching 35 years at Centre School was that little grade one class recording "If You Feel Like Doing It". You have had an outstanding career in country music and hey, it's not over yet....!! Keep up the good work and "Keep It Country"....

Maury Mossman (Bluenose Fiddlers)
Pentz, NS

February 22, 2007

Congratulations on your wonderful new website; and, I am pleased to see that you are still "keeping it country." Edna and I have our site reserved at Fox Mountain, and are anxiously looking forward to joining you for this years Festival for another wonderful campout and lots more great country music.

Cord & Edna Levy

February 22, 2007

You have done a wonderful job on this here site it is awesome congrad on your single and the pic's were awesome too You've got So Much To The Him For!! God Bless Your Comings and Goings in your music ventures

Vera Dee George
Tennessee- USA

February 22, 2007

Hi Joyce, We ment at Fox Mountian Festival last year. I know you meet alot of people. Tex & I injoyed our self & ment alot of people . We hope to see them again this year. I was so surprised when I received my first e-mail from you. I will be devistated if we loss 780 kixx on our radio. Such good music should not be aloud to be taken off the air. You are such a good singer & song writer. We booked the same site for next year already for the festival. Keep on singing. Thanks

Judy & Tex Barkhouse
Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

February 22, 2007

We enjoy your emails and new website Keep up the good work.

Roger Wentzel
cornwall NS

February 22, 2007

Hi Joyce,I really like your new website.You did a great job.Lots of sucess with your music. TAKE CARE.

Eric Waterman
Gander, NL

February 22, 2007

Dear, Joyce , again I would like to comment how good your presentation I am very happy that you kept up with your goal , and the love of country music.. I do hope we can cross paths again.... By the way you have a very good band , lot of talent there.... Best of luck to you all.

Tony Leggio
Waterdown, Ontario

February 22, 2007

Hi Joyce, it is realy good to be able to see you with out traveling.. Your doing a great job and i am proud of you for what you are capable of doing what you like... I myself is still playing every week end with Gerald Davidson, we are haveing a great time .. Your steel player is very good tell him to keep up the good work and if he would like to e mail me maybe we can swap licks.....Looking at your presentation brings back some memory of you when you first started in Woodstock... God bless and say hi to your hubby, musically yours;

Tony Leggio
Waterdown, Ontario

February 22, 2007



February 22, 2007

hello joyce and gerald it"s with great pride for me to visit your newweb site. it is only fitting for me to say that you folk"s are the best and your music show"s it. may you have many happy years togather and all the best for your endevour"s in the future

allen fralick

February 21, 2007

Great site Joyce..Looking forward to this years festival at Fox Mountain.......

Musquodoboit Hbr.

February 21, 2007

Great new look Joyce. Congratulations.

Dianne Tipert
Oak Hill, N.S.

February 21, 2007

What a great job on your new web site. Keep up the good work

Dave And Marilyn Singer

February 11, 2007

i wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your music i like your song testing 1-2-3-

ruby rayner

February 10, 2007

Glad to see you are still singing

Don Bonnar
Miramichi, N.B.

February 10, 2007

hi joyce
i really enjoy your singing alot

bentley, alberta

February 3, 2007

Hello Joyce, just fooling around with computer and discovered your site, very impressive, congrats to all your accomplishments, kepup the good work

chers Fraser

January 17, 2007

Very nice site Joyce and lovely songs you wrote.

Vera Dee George
Tennessee, USA

January 1, 2007

Hi Joyce & Jerry, hope you had a great Christmas and want to wish you both all the best in 2007. Have had a few calls re your appearance at the Milford Coffeehouse and just today looked up your phone number for a lady, glad to hear the Coffeehouse generated some interest in your music. Maybe we can do it again next November if you are available. We have changed the format slightly, we are looking for about half gospel now and the rest is the performer's choice.

Again, have a great one

December 18, 2006

Dear Joyce,

Christmas greeting from the other site of te ocean. I hope you will have a wonderfull white christmas ( unless you hate snow ), don't brake a legg and when we winn the lottery we surely will be coming to Canada. Untill that time we will be watching discovery channel and keep dreaming about youre great country.

Henk Lier

December 3, 2006

Hi Joyce:
I'm looking forward to hearing you perform at Fox Mountain in 07. I'm sure it'll be a great event and i'm honoured to be a part of it myself , I guess I just wanted to say "Thank You" for inviting me.

Your Friend, Mark
Halifax, N.S.

November 23, 2006

Hello dear joyce:
It is already several years ago that you preformed in Holland in an little town called ZEVENBERGEN. We bought your ( then) latest cd and we are still listening to it. bring back good memory's. Are you ever coming back to Europe ?

Looking forward to your answer

Henk Lier

November 10, 2006

hi joyce and gerald.:
just a few lines to see whats happening on the south shore.don and i have been doing a few shows up this way .making a fortune (ha ha).you know those kind of gigs.we are doing the local pictou county christmas fund show at the decoste centre on the 26 th. of this month.hope you are busy and if your not at least your making a fortune doing it.well i'll let you go and hope things are going good for you and gerald.

wayne petrie

November 14, 2006

Hi Joyce:
I just stoped by to say that I really enjoyed listening to your beautiful country songs.especally,I;m stepping Out.I think it's a real shame that country radio does not play more Canada Country Music like yours.Your songs have such good vedio content too.Will,maybe some day they will realize what most folks want to here.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and lots of success.

Your Country Friend, Eric Waterman
Gander, NL

November 2, 2006

Hi Joyce:
Do you remember playing at JR's place in Ct'town, PEI? You met Joyce Arsenault there many years ago. Well I am trying to get some of your song lyrics. Would you please help me out by emailing a sight where I can copy them? I love "Testing 123", thats one song I want to learn, as I am now playing guitar. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your old friend, Joyce Arsenault
Charlottetown, PEI

October 15, 2006

My best to you and yours and contiued success with your career in Country Music.

Ray Griff

October 15, 2006

Love your style of singing. I'll be ordering an album soon.

Freeport, Maine

September 30, 2006

Well "hi" Joyce! I've often wondered where you were now. I haven't seen nor heard tell of you since the "old" days when we were trying to get the CCMA going. I'm glad to see you are still actively involved in Country Music and I certainly recall playing and charting "Testing 1-2-3" on my radio station CJCJ in Woodstock New Brunswick. Thanks for contacting me and I like your site very much. Keep it Country.

Charlie Russell
Northampton , N.B.

September 28, 2006

My Husband and I were to the Hank Snow Tribute this year and enjoyed it very much, especially the Field Jams. We went to every one of them. We rally enjoyed Your singing.And really like the CD of yours that we bought. Keep up the good work!

Carrie Cooke
Isaac's Harbour, N.S

September 27, 2006

Enjoyed your singing last Saturday evening at the West Side Church Hall in Pentz. A friend of ours purchased one of your CD's and she was in touch today to say how very much she is enjoying it. Any plans for another CD? You have written several new songs that should be available to the public. Keep on singing, Joyce, and good luck!


August 20, 2006

joyce & gerald,
just wanted to say how much we appreciated your hospitality and kindness durning the induction ceramonies on thursday night.you and the rest of the crew made don and i feel so welcome and part of the country music family on the south shore.we have always held a special place in out hearts for the south shore.once again please pass along our heartfelt thanks to the guys in the band .what a super job.we'll keep in touch. wayne petrie and don haggart.

wayne petrie

August 19, 2006

Dear Joyce,
I am living on Nantucket Island with my daughter Leslie. We have been doing a little on line research on the Seamone family and we were glad to visit your website. It has been a long time since I heard your voice. Doug past away in 1990 from ALS as did his sister Helen and my son Stephen. We would be interested in any information you may have of other relatives and where they are now.

Millie Seamone
Nantucket, MA USA

July 30, 2006

Hi Joyce, I read your bio and found it very interesting,and i listened to your beautiful song.Your are a great Canadian Country Music Lady.May the sun shine on every step of your country music journey.Loads of success and good health.

Gander, NL

May 17, 2006

I would like to start off by saying, you are so awesome, and I love love love your song testing 1-2-3...its is by far, my all time favorite song in the whole wide world....keep on doing what you do best, and please come visit us in Ontario, Canada please...lol....sincery...a huge fan..


May 8, 2006

Your show at the Wolfville Legion on Sat. evening is great! Love your music.

Mary Smeltzer
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

March 16, 2006

I was just checking out as to where you where and noticed in your guestbook a couple people wanting you to do your old stuff. Well I'm begging you to along with the others. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, do it for your fan. One question, Will you being doing any concerts in the London, Woodstock Ontario ares in the future? See you in August Joyce.

Davis Black
London, Ontario

March 16, 2006

Dear Joyce: I have your CD "The other side of me" and play it often. Many thanks for all you have done to support and promote Traditional Country Music. Your friend,

Vernon Cornish

February 22, 2006

I enjoyed your singing at the Gospel Coffee House in the Milford Church, Saturday evening. I purchased one of your CD'sand I enjoy it very much.

Marion Williams

February 12, 2006

Hello Joyce:
Loved your website...it is so well done, the photos are so clear...I met you a number of times at Wilf Carter Night where I am often the comedian....Good luck with your website and singing career....

Laurent d'Entremont
CBC Radio Partyliner
West Pubnico

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