This is a Centre Consolidated School Millennium Music Project. I was called by producer, Elaine Sarty-Crouse, to submit a song for the Grade 1 class to record on this special project CD. I was invited to the release party at the school where the auditorium was packed for the performance. All the songwriters were there as well as the producer and other invited guests. One by one the grades performed their songs that they had recorded. When the Grade 1 class took to the stage and started to sing my song “If You Feel Like Doing It”, I was moved to tears. It was truly touching to see and hear them. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life. Later I submitted that same recorded version to another contact of mine who was looking for songs for another children’s project where it was also accepted.

This CD is not available for purchase

2000 Heartbeats

Written by Joyce Seamone and recorded by Grade 1 Students for the Heartbeats Centre Consolidated School 2000 CD

If You Feel Like Doing It Listen

Note: Listen requires Windows Media Player

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