This one song CD is a special project cd which accounts for its price. In 1999, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia celebrated its 100th Birthday. The town had a contest asking for submissions for a song. I wanted to submit an entry but couldn’t make up my mind. I was torn between writing a song actually mentioning the words 100 years, which might be only used for that year, or if I should write a song more about the town of Bridgewater itself, that could be used at any event, anytime, any year, in the future. I thought I might lose if I chose the latter, but I felt so strongly about it, that my gut instinct took me in that direction. I was proud when I was notified that my song, “Bridgewater Is The Place To Be” was chosen as the winning entry. It was produced by Bill Schnare. I performed it for the New Years Celebrations, and also at various events since that. It’s a song that will live on and on.

CD - 1999 Bridgewater 1899-1999
Gemini Records

Written and recorded by Joyce Seamone for Bridgewater, Nova Scotia’s 100th Year Celebrations

"Bridgewater Place to Be" Listen

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