I looked around to see who else in Canada was having success in the country music business. Stompin’ Tom Connors was one of a very few. I met with his company on several occasions and when my five year contract ran out with Marathon, I signed with Tom’s label, Boot Records. I recorded a full length LP with several single releases from it making it to the charts.

Here are excerpts from the liner notes written by Vic Folliott, Program Manager, CHNR, Radio, Simcoe, Ontario. “Joyce and I first met when she dropped by the station where I was working at the time, CKPC in Brantford, Ontario. It wasn’t long before the song (“Testing”) was receiving more response than any other had in my experience, and by the end of the year, I installed it as the top song of 1972. One thing I personally like is Joyce’s ability to make every lyric crystal clear. There’s nothing I hate more than listening to an artist slur his way through a song allowing the listener to catch about half the words….” Signed, Vic Folliott

I had always wanted to record in Nashville and through Boot, that dream became a reality. The trip there was very exciting with memories I shall never forget. While there I recorded four songs and once again made the national charts. After my contract expired with Boot, I took a hiatus from the business for several years, to raise my family of three daughters, Melanie, Alanna and Ashley. I eventually found my way back to my roots, and Nova Scotia and continued with my career.

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1976 I Can See It In His Eyes - Boot Records
Side 1
I Can See It In His Eyes
The Door’s Always Open
Storms Never Last
Waiting For A Phone That Never Rings Before I’m Fool Enough
Lovin’ Understandin’ Man Listen

Side 2
The Feeling Of Love
I’m Not That Good At Goodbye
Some Kind Of Fool
My Head Is Spinning Round And Round Listen
It Amazes Me
I’ll Be Loving You

Note: Listen requires Windows Media Player

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