I saw a notice calling for real music horror stories from real performers. I couldn't stop thinking about my own story of my last trip overseas to perform, and the horror of what happened to me. One hour after my arrival, I was on my way to shower and get ready for my performance, when I fell head first down a flight of stairs and broke my leg. I was immediately hospitalized, not able to neither perform any of my concerts nor travel to the other countries where I was scheduled to entertain. There was lots of red tape to get through. Like letting everyone both there and back home, know what had happened, working out a deal where my band could still continue to play. My band rallied around me, putting together a show of their own and even learning some of my songs that the audience kept requesting. Usually the boys did harmony to me, but they learned the entire songs so the audience would not be disappointed. Gordie Giles (rhythm), Neil Brown (bass), Dale Boutilier (lead) and George Daine (drums) did a fantastic job. By the way, it took lots of convincing for my husband Gerald, to leave me in the hospital, and drive the band over 4700 km to get the bookings completed and also do sound for them. Back at the hospital, because I spoke only English, I worked with translators for my hospital stay and meals, etc. It was a nightmare! I had several delays returning home due to the fact that I was a stretcher patient and had to be accompanied by a nurse who flew over from Canada. When the concerts were complete, the band flew back but Gerald waited till I was well enough to fly and accompanied me and the nurse. I missed opening a concert for a big act in Canada (Michelle Wright), something I had been looking forward to. It was a horror story all the way round! I submitted it to the publishers and mine was picked out of hundreds of submissions and eventually wound up in this book. It can be purchased at www.goodnightkiss.com

2001 Music Horror Stories Book
Joyce Seamone becomes a published author in Music Horror Stories

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