The year 2007 marked the 35th year since my first recording session turned out a number one song, TESTING 1-2-3, in Canada, on the Country Music Charts, earning me a Gold Record. Thinking back, I remember Sammi Smith with her smash hit, Help Me Make It Through The Night, and Jeannie C Riley with her smash hit, Harper Valley P.T.A. Most people don’t remember that those singers actually did have other songs on the charts. It just happened that those two songs were such monster hits, never to be equaled by another one from them of the same magnitude. We consider them “one hit wonders”. I kind of fit that same category. Testing 1-2-3 was such a huge hit for me, and although I did have other songs make it to the charts, just like Sammi and Jeannie, none ever compared with my first one. But hey! How many people can even boast of that success! Not bad for a little girl who grew up in the country, attending a one room school for her first six grades, and then going on to take her music overseas as well as at home. My success is small compared to many, but I wouldn’t trade what I have been able to do for anything in the world. I plan to celebrate my accomplishments all year long in one way or another. If you see me out and about, come and say “Hi! Keep it Country!”.


  • 1972 - Testing 1-2-3 (Gold Record)
  • 1972 - Make Me Honest
  • 1973 - Stand By For A Special Announcement
  • 1976 - I Can See It In His Eyes
  • 1976 - My Head Is Spinning Round And Round
  • 1978 - There’s More Love Where That Came From
  • 1978 - You’re The Rock
  • 1992 - You Are The Only One For Me
  • 1994 - Two-Step On Saturday Night

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Click Here - 1972 Testing 1-2-3 Click Here - 1972 Merry Christmas From Joyce Seamone Ckick Here - 1973 Stand By For A Special Announcement Click Here - 1976 I Can See It In His Eyes
Click Here - 1994 You Are The Only One For Me Click Here - 1994 Instructional Line Dance Video Click Here - 1999 Bridgewater Is
The Place To Be Click Here - 2000 Maplewood
Click Here - 2000 If You Feel Like Doing It Click Here - 2001 Music Horror Stories Book Click Here - 2002 Kidtunes Click Here - Bubbles

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